What is Medical Oxygen?

Medical Oxygen

Medical Oxygen is high pure oxygen gas.

What is Medical Oxygen?

You will often hear the words Oxygen and Medical Oxygen. In the world of compressed gas, there is a huge difference between oxygen and medical oxygen. It is high pure oxygen. Which is used in the human body to supply oxygen in an artificial way.

Medical oxygen cylinder contain high pure oxygen gas.  No other gas is allowed inside the cylinder to maintain high purity of this gas. There are several rules for using medical Gas. There must be a prescription for this.

What is Industrial Oxygen?

Industrial oxygen is used for use in industrial plants including cutting, combustion, oxidation and chemical reactions. The purity level of industrial oxygen is very low. Which is not suitable for human use. And where industrial oxygen is stored. All those tankers are not so pure. So this industry oxygen can make people sick.

A prescription is very important in ensuring the safety of the user for Medical Oxygen. This prescription will indicate how much oxygen flows through a patient’s body per minute. Since people are of different sizes and need different amounts of medical Gas for their specific medical condition. So prescription is very important.

For this they need to know how much medical Gas they need. For this they will go to the doctor and take the prescription.

What should a medical oxygen cylinder look like?

A medical oxygen cylinder should be free of contamination. And we need to know that this cylinder was only used to hold medical gas. If there are any cylinders that have been used before to hold any other gas. These cylinders cannot be used to hold medically used gas. However, it can only be used if the cylinder is clean and pure.

Medical oxygen is used in many places. For example: Used in places like hospital, clinic and home. Where medical services are conducted.

Various patients use it to supplement their oxygen deficiency. For example, a person infected with the coronavirus needs this medical gas because of a weakened respiratory system. It is also needed by anesthesia patients. And those who can’t breathe on their own also use it.

Various Athletes use this gas when traveling at high altitudes through portable medical oxygen cylinders.

We generally believe that we receive high pure oxygen from the air around us. In fact, we receive 21 percent of the oxygen and 78 percent of the nitrogen from the air around us, and 1 percent of the other gases. And this one percent is carbon dioxide and hydrogen.