Oxygen Concentrator Machine

Oxygen Concentrator Machine

What Is an Oxygen Concentrator Machine?

An oxygen concentrator machine is known as a medical device. When the level of oxygen in the human body decreases, the doctor tells them to use oxygen concentrator.

It helps people who have trouble breathing. Here is a list of people who use the machine:

  1. Asthma patient.
  2. Patients with lung cancer.
  3. Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  4. The flu patient.
  5. COVID-19 patient.

Before purchasing or using an concentrator , a person needs to get permission from a doctor. Using it without a doctor’s prescription or permission can be very dangerous for the patient. If the doctor thinks that using the machine is right for you, then the doctor will ask you to use it. It will also tell you how much oxygen you need to take in flow per minute.

How does the Oxygen Concentrator Machine work?

It’s not like an oxygen cylinder. Which provides medical oxygen stored in the cylinder. Instead it is a condensing machine. Which pulls the air around the machine. And filters nitrogen separately.

There are two systems for receiving oxygen from this machine. Firstly nasal cannula and ‍second oxygen mask.

The nasal cannula is a thin tube. Which goes from the concentrator to the patient’s mouth. It then delivers pure oxygen through two openings at the bottom of the nostrils.

And, there are many patients who need high concentration and high flow oxygen. They receive oxygen from the concentrator using an oxygen mask.

There are two main types of oxygen Concentrator in the earth.

  1. One is the large model concentrator. Which is used at home, in the hospital ICU and in the clinic.
  2. And the second is the lighter, and portable model. Which you can use on the car, on the plane and while traveling anywhere.

With the increase in coronavirus infection in Bangladesh, the use of oxygen concentration Machine has increased in patients with lung problems or people suffering from oxygen deficiency.