5 Function Electric Hospital Bed

Price:৳ 155,000 ৳ 145,000

The 5 function electronic hospital beds in white color made by Lara Company are...


5 Function Electric Hospital Bed price 145,000/- taka in Bangladesh

The 5 function electronic hospital bed has been made in such a way. So that a patient can take all the necessary work facilities while sitting in bed. Such as ventilation equipment, patient monitors, Defibrillators, alarm management solutions and much more can be controlled with the remote while sitting on the bed. These beds can be of great help in providing intensive care to patients. The name of the company that made this bed is Lara.

All the advantages of 5 function electric hospital bed are mentioned below:

  1. The height of the bed can be increased according to the needs of the patient. Again the height can be reduced.  Through these functions, the patient can be placed in 1, Trendlenburg, 2, Fowlers, 3, Semi-Fowlers, 4, High-Fowler and 5, Standard Chair positions. There is an angle display for head height and Trendelenburg movement. Only for the exact location of the patient.
  2. The bed has a Linac electric motor actuator and control system. Which offers smooth and quiet movement to the patient.
  3. The bed has a central locking system. The Hopeful Bed features a central locking system with 5-inch aluminum castor wheels and brake pedals. Which also facilitates movement on carpeted surfaces. As a result, it can be used in hospitals, homes, clinics, etc.
  4. There is a 550 pound weight limit for safe operation of the bed Being overweight can make the bed unsafe. Can be broken at any time.

There are many models of 5 function electronic hospital beds in Bangladesh market. However, this bed is the most standard and useful to use. The price of this Electric hospital bed is 145000 taka in Bangladesh.

Additional information

Brand Name


Bed Size

200 x1000 (420-750)mm

Bed Color


Bed Function

Backrest angle: 0 ~ 85° (±5°) ;
Leg plate angle: 0 ~ 45° (±5°) ;
Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg angle: 0~12°

Connected motor

High Quality Four Motors.

Bed Frame

Integrated powder coating steel, durable.