Linde Oxygen Cylinder

Price:৳ 21,000 ৳ 18,500

A 1400 liter oxygen cylinder can be used for 11 to 12 hours continuously, 2 liters...


At present the Linde Oxygen Cylinder price 18500/- taka in Bangladesh(BD)

Linde Oxygen Cylinder is a high quality usable medical oxygen cylinder. Its capacity is 2000 liters of pressure. In the case of a minimum intake a Linde Oxygen Cylinder, which can be used for 11 to 12 hours.

Liquid medical oxygen is stored inside the cylinder and is used to artificially supply oxygen to the patient when needed. The amount of oxygen is then given to the patient through an oximeter.

Additional information




15 kg


3 foot


2000 litters

Used time

11/12 Hours.

Oxygen Purity

85% to 95%

Up to

15 Liter