3 Function Electric Medical Bed

Price:৳ 55,000 ৳ 48,000

The main functions of 3 function beds are 1, back adjustment, 2, leg adjustment,...



3 Function Electric medical bed price in 48,000/- taka Bangladesh.

This is an electric medical bed. This bed has an electric regulating motor. The head, legs and height of the bed frame can be increased by pressing the motor button. This 3 function hospital bed is designed to be suitable for use at home, clinic, hospital or nursing home.

This is a very standard fully electric hospital bed. The back and legs are equipped with adjustments to allow for a completely physiologically correct sleeping surface. And uses a motor to move up and down, which is electronic. It can be controlled remotely.

About this 3 Function Electric Medical Bed :

  1. There are site railings on both sides of the bed for the protection of the patient. This site railing is made of 2 aluminum. And a pair of ABS heads and foot panels.
  2. It has three functions including manual function. Such as: high-low, head and elevation, foot and elevation.
  3. Framework tube made of MS. Its four section tops are made of perforated CRCA MS sheets.
  4. Attached to the bed are I.V. Here blood bag, sign bag type can be done.

This is the most suitable option where feeding and lifting the patient is the main challenge. Where the caregiver is confronted during patient or elderly care. The price of this useful Electric Medical bed is only 48,000/- taka in Bangladesh.

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Additional information

Bed Type

Hospital Furniture


Hospital Bed


Metal (Metal Type-Stainless Steel)

Brand Name



3 Functions backrest lifting, knee lifting, Hight Adjustable

Hospital Size

2200*1060*520-820mm Or Customized