Olive 10 Oxygen Concentrator

Price:৳ 95,000 ৳ 87,000

Olive 10 liters of oxygen concentrator Flow rate 10 LPM, Model Number OLV 10, Product...


Olive 10 Oxygen Concentrator price 87,000/- taka in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Olive 10 Oxygen Concentrator Uses air as raw material and uses high-quality molecular sieve as absorber. Adopts pressure swing absorption (PSA) principle to separate oxygen directly from nitrogen at normal temperature. As a result, the user gets high pure liquid oxygen.

It can improve the level of oxygen in the body. It can be used by people of any age. It can also be used by middle-aged and older people, fitness people, pregnant women, students and other people who suffer from varying degrees of physiological hypoxia.

Olive 10 Oxygen Concentrator Facility:

  1. It can relieve and relieve shortness of breath. And as it improves your quality of life, so does your activity, your freshness.
  2. Oxygen intake relieves nervous and irritable emotions. Taking oxygen using it in case of fatigue, dizziness, loss of appetite will solve your problem.
  3. Pregnant mothers can take oxygen to get the underlying benefits during pregnancy. As a result, the oxygen intake of the pregnant woman helps the fetus to grow healthy.
  4. One study found that our brains receive up to 25% of the body’s oxygen. When we study, we can use that concentrator to oxygen to increase our strength and energy of study.
  5. Increases the blood circulation in the skin of women or helps to improve the skin by taking in plenty of oxygen. Olives use oxygen concentrating air as raw material. Uses high-quality molecular sieves as absorbers and directly separates oxygen and other gases. For this, it adopts the principle of pressure swing absorption (PSA).
  6. It has a timing function machine. Which is used to control the current working time.
  7. There is a large LCD display. Which helps to monitor everything.
  8. It has reset circuit breaker five-stage filter. This eliminates the bacteria.
  9. Integrated Intelligent Self Diagnosis System. This system allows you to work continuously for 7000 hours, stable and 93% high purity in real time.

The Olive 10 Oxygen Concentrator has many advantages, and is also very cheap in terms of price, only 87,000 taka for Bangladesh.

Additional information

Concentrator Model




Concentrator Flow Rate

10 LPM

Product Type


Oxygen Concentration


Concentrator Output Pressure


Concentrator Sound Level

<40 dBA

Operation Mode