Owgels 5l Oxygen Concentrator

Price:৳ 47,000 ৳ 45,000

Noise level less than 50dB, low pressure alarm, oxygen output 0-5L / min, low density...


The current price of an Owgels 5l Oxygen Concentrator designed for Oxygen Therapy is only 45,000/- taka in Bangladesh.

The Owgels 5L Oxygen-Concentrator Machine is designed to provide high purity oxygen to patients diagnosed with Oxygen Therapy. It provides high density oxygen and this high concentration oxygen, cannula is given to the patient.

It is a 5 liter oxygen concentrator made with German technology. Which can supply up to 90% high purity oxygen.
There is skin intelligence to determine the purity of oxygen. Includes alarm system. The concentrator is only 300mmX260mmX520mm.Its noise level is less than 60dB. The flow rate is adjustable from 1 to 5L per minute.

Product Facility :

  1. Its battery index is very low.
  2. It has a convenient control panel. Which guarantees easy use for you.
  3. There is an automatic switch off option.
  4. Includes high capacity 2x AAA batteries.
  5. Options A and B have intelligent alarm systems. Which will warn you in advance.
  6. It is built on authentic and reliable technology. Which is certified by the 8th EU.
  7. Its oxygen concentration is more than 93% ± 3%. Oxygen flow rate 5L per minute.
  8. This oxygen concentrator can be used 24 hours a day. Without any break.
  9. Attached is a German oil-free compressor.
  10. French CECA molecular sieve to ensure high quality of oxygen.

The above functions of Owgels 5L Oxygen Concentrator are suitable for a patient and its price is very low only 45000/- taka in Bangladesh.

Additional information

Model Number




Product Type


Flow Rate



21 KG




<320 W


220 V

Oxygen flow

93% (+3%, -3%)

Instrument classification

Class II