Semi Electric Hospital Bed

Price:৳ 20,000 ৳ 15,000

It is a Semi Electric Hospital Bed, frame made of stainless steel, wheel has high...


The current Semi Electric Hospital Bed Price only 15,000/- taka in Bangladesh.

A semi-electric medical bed is a medical bed. Which is completely like an electric hospital bed. However, medical electronic beds and semi-electric beds use motors to extend the head and legs of the bed. This semi-electric bed uses a hand crank to raise the bed deck up and down.

All the benefits of a bed:

  1. Patients can get up and sit through backrest lifting. As a result, they can easily do some things in their daily life. This system reduces the nursing burden for both the patient and the nurse.
  2. The bed has a function for defecation. This can cause paralyzed patients to defecate in bed. Which is very effective in keeping the patient clean and sterile.
  3. The patient’s feet and head can be washed in this bed. As a result of this system, paralyzed patients benefit a lot.
  4. Attached to the bed is a dining function.

Semi Electric Hospital Bed

You can buy Semi Electric Hospital Bed Price in Bangladesh with different characteristics, equipment and configurations in Bangladesh, so that you may be confused when you are not familiar with the market. If you browse the catalog of hospital beds, you can find the hospital beds of the house. The price of semi-electric hospital beds in Bangladesh is described as manual, semi-electric and all-electric. Let us look at the meaning of these terms. The price of semi-electric hospital beds in Bangladesh One of the main features of customized hospital beds at home is that it can be consistent with the price of hospital beds.

Those who want to get the benefit of using electronic bed in low price and want to use the bed with advanced opportunity function. They can use this Semi Electric Hospital bed, this bed price 15000/- taka in Bangladesh.

Additional information

Bed type

Electric Home Nursing Hospital Bed

Bed Size


Weight Gross Weight

92KG, Net Weight: 85.8KG

Bed Load Capacity


Backrest Lifting


Manufacturer ‏

‎ FC-Bed